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General Information
A Kind Thought Triggers a World of Benevolence
The heavy use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in modern agriculture has led to the damages to our environment, including the decline of soil fertility and water quality contamination of farm products and ecological imbalance etc. The crisis threatens our health and the environment significantly.
As 70% of human’s daily consumptions is processed food, the demands for good appearance and flavor of foods, resulted in abuse of chemical additive and preservatives, which endanger the public health.
In view of this,.” TOC’s goal is to promote organic farming and to offer safe and wholesome processed food so that we could bring to human health and make positive contribution to future generations.
Certification Quality
Integrity, Impartiality, Strict.
Organic Certification Items
Organic Agricultural Products Certification
Organic Agricultural Processed Products Certification
Organic Aquaculture Processed Products Certification
Organic Aquaculture Products Certification